Azienda Agricola IL GHIZZO
11 November 2014
Il Ghizzo, D.O.C. Wines and Farm Restaurant in Valnure
11 November 2014
The company was founded in 1950 in the Nure Valley, on the hills overlooking the town of Ponte dell'Olio (Piacenza province) when the rst vineyard was planted for the production of two types of wine: a red one, a blend of Barbera and Bonarda, and a white one, a blend of Malvasia, Ortrugo and Trebbiano, both lightly sparkling, vibrant in colour and generous in taste.

Today the company is run by the founder’s third generation, whose mission is to combine tradition and innovation both in the vineyard and in the cellar. It is still a family run company, relatively small in size but condent in the quality of its wines, for a total production of 80-90.000 bottles/year.

Of course, the old machines for wine-making and bottling are now part of the company museum of wine while the new equipment is relocated in a more functional site. However, the most traditional grape varieties are still grown in the nowadays ten hectares of vineyard. Accordingly the wine offer, though diversied, is strongly in line with the local wine making history and culture.

Finally, care for the environment is a priority today as it was in the past: therefore the company adheres to the European Community Action “Quality Control in Agriculture” for the use of non toxic products in vine farming.